Your To-Go Coffee Could Be Killing You Slowly

Coffee. The life force behind all great ideas, shining moments and the saviour of the day. But while it’s giving so much, is it possible it’s also taking away from our balanced health and the health of the planet?

Well, it’s not the coffee per se that is doing any harm, especially if it’s fair trade and organic, but rather the container that it comes in. If you are drinking your daily coffee from paper to-go cups, you need to know that the plastic liner inside the cup is melting into your hot coffee. This is unfortunate for such a delicious and delightful experience we all look forward to.

A little bit of plastic in our coffee isn’t the worst thing in the world, but consuming it multiple times a day, every day does add up to significant effects on the body. It is also just one environmental toxin of many that we, especially women, encounter daily, and they all add up to making quite the mess on our nervous and reproductive systems.

The classic paper to-go cups are lined with polyethylene that is a known xenoestrogen (estrogen-like chemical in the human body) which disrupts normal hormonal functions, causing: birth defects, weight gain, acne, prostate cancer and more.

Knowing this information has made me give up paper to-go cups entirely, even after I had quite the romance with the feel of a perfectly formed and fitted coffee cup lid, designed to make my lips crave hot drinks from adult sippy cups.

We all know convenience is queen, but making the switch to your own personal travel mug might make a world of difference to your health and your ability to have thriving kids in the future. Take the travel mug challenge, buy yourself a mug that suits your style and needs. Keep it with you whenever you leave the house, and give yourself the 80/20 rule. Use your mug always, but give yourself a break when you forget it 20% of the time. The rest of the time, make the effort, your body will thank you.