Your authenticity will change the world

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

We are at an important time in history, where it’s never been more imperative to be our true selves. No longer can we afford to fit into other people’s boxes. We cannot allow others to label us and then live by those labels. We desperately need individuals to live their authentic selves, to color outside the lines, and to stop hiding behind a facade that media, peers or family have put on us.

Why is this so important now more than ever before? Because we have global problems now that have never before existed. To overcome these problems, we need a diverse range of thinkers and people who are unafraid to just be themselves and put their unique and individualistic ideas out there to mingle with all the other ideas, to cook and simmer and bubble up into a brand new strategy for dealing with our issues.

Solutions are born from people who have confidence in themselves and their beliefs that harbour brand new ideas. If we are constantly living behind a mask, trying to be what others want us to be, then all our energy will be wasted on trying to just get by. On the flip side, if we can find the courage to love and accept ourselves for exactly who we are, and revel in our authenticity, then we release vast amounts of energy to focus on solutions for bigger problems, than the internal ones we experience always trying to be someone else.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken. Unknown

Consider this your permission slip to just be you today. Try it out for a hot minute and if you survive, then wake up tomorrow and do it again. After you practice not giving a hooha what others think, then you’ll start to see how much more energy you have to spend on lifting up the collective, instead of just dragging yourself through each day.


About the Author:

I, Kim Klassen know what it's like to have it all and still feel lack lustre about life. So much so, that it was hard for me to live my environmental values because I needed stuff from the outside to make me feel good on the inside. When I got doing "the work" I realized it was that much easier living my enviro values for the planet and, bonus!, I was having fun living my life. Even when bumps in the road happen, now I have the tools to deal instead of trashing the planet to fill my void for pleasure. I've been working and studying in the environmental field for 22 years, with a B.Sc. Enviro Sci and an M.A. Enviro Ed & Communications, I have developed the Sustainability Theorem to help myself and others live a fulfilling life that's also good for the planet.