Why Wait To Go On An Adventure, When You Can Have One Today?

What if everything you did was an adventure? What would your life look like?

But first let’s ask, what IS an adventure?

“An exciting or remarkable experience.”

So if that’s an adventure, why do we save it for special times of the year? Or maybe even a few times in a lifetime?

I’d like to also add to that definition. To me an adventure also feels like curiosity, the unknown, expectation, unfamiliar situations, expanding my creative mind and looking at things and life in a new way, even if it’s just for the time while I’m “on the adventure”.

Why do we get up every morning and long for bedtime, because we already know what the day has ahead of us? Why do we automatically put ourselves in a position where there is no possible way that an adventure could happen?

Why can’t any or nearly every day be an exciting or remarkable experience? And honestly, shouldn’t it? Don’t we owe that to ourselves for being given the gift of this life, where actually, we have no idea what the future holds, even if we think we do?

For the past couple of years, I’ve been having a lot more adventures, simply because I declare the day or seemingly regular event to be an adventure. Then my senses get piqued. I become more aware of my surroundings while being more present in the moment. I get curious…cause where might the adventure pop out in front of me?! This excites me and makes the thing I’m going to do so much more enjoyable.

Do you get what I’m getting at?

Today, I give you permission to have an adventure! Go cook like you’re at a class in Italy! Go to swim lessons like you’re diving into the crystal clear blue waters of Tulum! Water your plants like there’s some secret insect in the soil that’s treasuring the fresh douse of H20. Walk your dog, like you might meet the love of your life! Visit the accountant like you might find some money or a secret way to take that trip you’ve been dreaming of!

You never know where an adventure will find you, but if you declare it to be so, then that is what it will be, an exciting and remarkable experience!


About the Author:

I, Kim Klassen know what it's like to have it all and still feel lack lustre about life. So much so, that it was hard for me to live my environmental values because I needed stuff from the outside to make me feel good on the inside. When I got doing "the work" I realized it was that much easier living my enviro values for the planet and, bonus!, I was having fun living my life. Even when bumps in the road happen, now I have the tools to deal instead of trashing the planet to fill my void for pleasure. I've been working and studying in the environmental field for 22 years, with a B.Sc. Enviro Sci and an M.A. Enviro Ed & Communications, I have developed the Sustainability Theorem to help myself and others live a fulfilling life that's also good for the planet.