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Sustainability is deep and wide. It covers every thing, place, space and idea, which can make it overwhelming and hard to handle.

I struggled for years learning how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, one where I was living my values and feeling good about myself. Eventually I came to the creation of this Theorem. It works so well in helping me not only live environmentally sustainably, but also be the best me I can, and I knew I had to share it.

The Theorem’s elements are scientific and ancient spiritual truths that stand alone as pillars of excellence, but when arranged together provide an entire foundation for a life that is whole, fulfilling, revolutionary and just what the world needs right now. 

Like a professional puzzler putting all the pieces together, I knew I was onto something. All these elements were a part of something really big and life changing. 

I was thinking about John Elkington’s coined term, People, Planet, Profit, which is another way of explaining the original sustainability paradigm, of society, environment, economy. But I needed more, I needed to answer the million dollar question, “how do I LIVE my values?”, and this is what came to me:

There has never been a more crucial time to learn this Theorem. We’re at a point in civilization where scientists are predicting the 6th extinction on Earth. 

Elizabeth Kolbert’s book, “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History”, is meant to ring the alarm bells, to wake up! and change the systems that have progressed us to this seemingly fatal point in history.

Some Ugly Facts…but good news follows!

In the past there has been on average 5 species going extinct every year. The average duration of a species is 2 million years. Today we have roughly 1 to 100 species going extinct every day.

Species extinction is a natural and normal occurrence, but not at the rate it is occurring in present day. The health and abundance on Earth  is derived from a vast network of various species, so we kinda need to have a natural, not progressed, rate of species extinctions. 


Present extinction rates are 1000-10,000 times the natural rate.

If current rates continue, half of all plant and animal species will be extinct by 2100.


If we don’t alter the way we’re doing things, life on Earth won’t be near as fun or beautiful. 

Now Here’s The Good News!

There is a mass consciousness rising, never before experienced by humans and it’s not based on any one God or religion. People are waking up!, understanding there is more to life than the three dimensional human experience and they’re contributing to the positive evolution of the collective consciousness and changing the course of our future. 

This is the part that I would like to focus on, because after all, we are souls having a human experience. Our lives on Earth are temporary, but our souls eternalness is real and relevant. We have the opportunity to change the course of our human stories on the planet and we can play a role in growing and expanding our soul and the life we came here to live. Using the Theorem, we do this by first raising our consciousness. 


Being aware of ourselves in this world and how we act and react to each moment in life.

There is a massive uprising in the world, where people are craving more meaning and connection with something bigger than themselves. There needs to be a point to life and the work we do. And for the first time in history this belief that there IS something bigger than ourselves is not based on any one religion or God.

People are waking up and becoming more conscious.

Yet sometimes it can be very confusing about where to start, to find clarity about who you are, and what you should be doing in the world, nevermind how to navigate your heart/brain connection on a daily basis.

After many years of exploration, I have found it is helpful to understand two things:

1) how my brain works 


2) skills to support my best self and my sustainable happiness.


Our Brains

From the time we are born till approximately 14 years of age, we are not only growing our body, but we’re also growing our brains. There are different levels of growth and associated with each level, there are different brainwave frequencies. For example, the Delta brainwave is the state we’re in when we’re born and the state we go into every night when we’re asleep.  This explains why babies sleep so much, because they don’t have the brain frequency or capacity for much else.

With each brainwave state that develops in the first 7 ish years of our lives, each one is imprinted and programmed with information from our environment. Roughly 95% of our brain states (Delta, Theta, Alpha) are in the subconscious. This means that many of our reactions to life occur automatically from the programming of our subconscious.

If we grew up hearing that it’s really hard to get money, and we have to work overtime just to get by, then we’ll likely have the same subconscious beliefs about money as an adult. We’ll think we have to work hard and sacrifice a lot to make money, or that we’re not good enough to ask for more.

As a child, with each new thing we learn, a new neural pathway is created in the brain. The setup of this pathway has a pattern: experience to information, information to belief, and belief to values. 

The good news is, we can reprogram our subconscious brain and create new neural pathways, to support the sustainable life we want to live and the activities we want to spend time doing. We can reprogram our brains to feel worthy, good enough, and empowered to take on challenges that come our way.

PSST, this is so important because in life we inevitably face challenging times and we need to be resilient to thrive in the face of adversity.