The Easy Way To Be A Conscious Consumer

When you walk through the mall, scroll on Pinterest, page through magazines, see influencers on Instagram, do you want all the things? Of course you do! And if you don’t maybe it’s because you’re some of the few who’ve fallen out of the consumer trap of feeling inadequate until you have that thing. But for most of us, we’re easy prey to media and brands who design their ads and campaigns to make us feel incomplete and not good enough, in all situations, so we’ll keep buying what they’re telling us will make us feel better.

If somehow you can recognize the constant and incessant calls to action from corporations to buy their things, then you have outsmarted the entire system. But how could you ever do this, you ask? And how could you not feel like you’re totally missing out and living like Little House On the Prairie, with your one dress and smock for playing in?

It’s universal truths that most of us ignore, that can actually save us from spending our hard earned cash on things that only bring us momentary happiness or fulfillment. These truths, are written in the elements that make up my Sustainability Theorem.

The elements of the Theorem are as follows:

ConsciousnessBeing aware of ourselves in this world and how we act and react to each moment in life.

ConnectionStrengthening our bonds to self, nature, and all beings on the planet.

ConsumptionGetting connected and living consciously, automatically brings mindfulness to our consumption style and habits.

CommunicationGoing beyond ourselves to contribute our voices to those who cannot speak for their sustainable future .

Basically, if you can learn how to notice your thoughts, the things that guide our everyday emotions and actions, then you are living more consciously already. Then you may want to start using your brain so it stops using you. If we live unconsciously, this is what happens, we become a victim to our brains programs and we live on autopilot. This kind of living is less than what we deserve and are capable of. And it’s so unfulfilling that we continue to spend our money on things from the outside to make us feel better on the inside. So becoming more conscious saves you money. Got it!

Once we start practicing living consciously we begin to get more connected with who we are and who we came to be in this lifetime. This brings us more peace and contentment and helps us live more authentically. When we’re just being us, and not playing any games or hiding behind any masks, then it’s easier for others to trust us and we can build stronger and more meaningful relationships. This is awesome! Because then not only do we have fun with others, instead of fun with things, we also build up our community which is becoming an increasingly important aspect of a resilient life, required for our climate changed future.

To be a conscious consumer, you need to be conscious about life in general, and connected to yourself, others and nature to actually give a damn about how you vote with your dollars. But once you do start living more consciously, ie. start living authentically you and feeling fantastic from within! Then you realize you need a lot less stuff to make you feel good, and the stuff you do buy, you have invested a bit of your time to see what companies and people you’re supporting, when you buy it.

You may be spending more as a conscious consumer, but if it’s a luxury brand price, treat is a luxury brand item and have it for a long time! Consider that you’re paying for real people to make your thing and they deserve a good life too. Likely, too, you’ll spend less money in the long run, because you won’t be constantly replacing that thing and you’ll be using less planetary resources and having a smaller eco footprint.

Finally, when you’ve mastered a piece of a sustainable lifestyle, communicate with others how you did it! What about it makes you feel good and how it expresses your values. What was the steps you took to get conscious and connected so you could be a conscious consumer and make a difference with your dollars and impact on the planet? Tell us in the comments below what worked for you! And share your wisdom with the world, on social media, at cafes, dinner parties, because the clock is ticking and we need you to speak up and make change! Your authentic way of doing things, will spark ideas in others and have ripple effects beyond what you can imagine. This is how we make a difference and thrive in a climate changed future.


About the Author:

I, Kim Klassen know what it's like to have it all and still feel lack lustre about life. So much so, that it was hard for me to live my environmental values because I needed stuff from the outside to make me feel good on the inside. When I got doing "the work" I realized it was that much easier living my enviro values for the planet and, bonus!, I was having fun living my life. Even when bumps in the road happen, now I have the tools to deal instead of trashing the planet to fill my void for pleasure. I've been working and studying in the environmental field for 22 years, with a B.Sc. Enviro Sci and an M.A. Enviro Ed & Communications, I have developed the Sustainability Theorem to help myself and others live a fulfilling life that's also good for the planet.