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Rise To The Top

in the Fashion Industry


No doubt…

…you’ve had bad days at work, but what if you’re having a bad year, or even a career that’s not turning out how you thought it might? Likely you’ve got big dreams and goals for yourself in the fashion world, but they just don’t seem to be happening fast enough?

If this is you, then the Sustainability Theorem might be just the right thing to help you rise up and achieve your personal and professional goals in the world of fashion.

As the fashion industry evolves to become more sustainable, so will you. This will give you a leading edge when it comes to job placement and attaining your goals. If you’re not taking yourself seriously, neither will your employers, and opportunities will be few and far between to make your dreams happen.

It’s no coincidence that you landed up on Earth at this time, and your ideas, passions, and dreams matter to making the world a better place.

With the Sustainability Theorem you can:


Break down any limiting beliefs holding you back from being your authentic, confident, inspired and empowered self,


Tap into your intuition to help guide you on your path and make sure you’re staying true to you and your desires with no guilt or shame,


Release the need for outside things or people to make you feel good on the inside and just fill yourself up first,


And gather up all your superpowers to be able to rise and speak up for what you desire and deserve with communication strategies and tools that WOW your audience.

The Details:

Valued at: $1000 USD

1hr live call/week for 4 weeks

Each live call covers each element of the Theorem

ALSO, access to the online Sustainability Theorem school includes: 3 weekly videos for each element of the Theorem, along with guided meditations, exercises, and resources to support your personal and professional growth. You’ll also find extra information to support your health and wellness along the journey.

The online school contains the follows lessons:


  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Developmental Stages & Unmet Needs
  • The Brain Gut Connection


  • Intuition
  • Shadow
  • Connecting to Nature


  • Addictions
  • Media
  • Toxins


  • Your Story
  • Crafting Your Talk
  • Public Speaking Best Practices

If you’d like to know more, email info@kimklassen.com and we’ll have a free FB or IG video chat to help you make a more informed decision