Defining Values and How We Honour Them

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Often values created in the subconscious were formed when we were growing up. Seeing parents be kind to others created our value of kindness in the community. Listening to family members passionately talk about the environment...

Shadow Work for a Sustainable Lifestyle with Impact

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Any course of self development is necessary to bring ourselves back into alignment with nature. Shadow work is some of the deepest and most effective personal development work you can do to ultimately create less of a negative environmental impact on the planet.

Maybe We’re Not Apathetic, Maybe We’re Just Busy

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...this way of being busy leaves us wiped out at the end of the day. It makes us apathetic to real world problems and hopeless that we could ever make a difference anyway. 

4 Alternatives When You Feel Like Quitting

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When I was working my corporate oil job in Calgary, Canada, for a private environmental consulting firm, I had a great idea to raise money for MS while running a marathon in Hawaii. I naively asked the owner...